Efficient construction

We are committed to carrying out all projects with our clients on time for maximum satisfaction.

Green materials

We strive to maintain the highest possible standards while exceeding customer expectations on all levels.

Good business

We are a company that provides you with design and construction services, from initial sketches to final construction.

Our services

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Construction company that started its activity in 2013, thanks to our experience, we can carry out any type of project. We have a dynamic team whose goal is to thank the customer, above all, for the superior quality of the services offered.

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We rely on the principle of quality, each material being carefully processed and applied with precision to achieve the desired result. Our team members are ready to do the job according to the personality and demands of the client.

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Interior design

When it comes to interior and exterior design, the most important aspect is the communication between the customer and the qualified team.
The professionals of our team are eager to synchronize your wishes and turn them into reality in order to realize your request.



Akroman is a building construction and renovation company, which started its activities in 2013. Thanks to our experience in the field of construction, we can carry out any type of project. Our professionalism has been built over 7 years already through many projects.

Being professional and always listening are the most important aspects for us in our collaboration with our employees, suppliers, partners and customers.
What are our strenghts?
LPassion, availability and integrity, three great values that the customer will feel at Akroman.

Akroman is committed to helping its clients achieve their goals, personalize their projects, provide an innovative environment and make a difference.

For us honesty is one of the most important policies and we strive to complete all projects with integrity and fairness.

Our construction management professionals organize, direct and manage people, materials and construction processes using the latest industry technologies.

Are you looking for one of the most wanted contractors for your next project?

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